As South Africans struggle to deal with water restrictions, inferior quality water, or no water at all, many businesses, government and private organizations, farms, and homes have started to install their own private boreholes – thus making life more comfortable and hassle free

A borehole is a narrow shaft bored in the ground,  places vertically or horizontally. A borehole may be constructed for many different purposes,

Is borehole water safe to drink?

The short answer is YES in most cases. All spring and most bottled water that you buy is water that comes from the ground. If you are going to drink the water (64% of South African’s survive on groundwater!) then it is a good idea to have it analysed at a water lab. A simple SABS-241 test will confirm if it is potable or not. Water must be ‘potable’—which is to say of safe, drinkable Quality.

We are a local based company that consists of 50 team players as an owner run business, we are focused on quality service, workmanship and customer satisfaction

Established in 1983, with over 30 years of experience within the industry, we offer reliable and professional services to land and property developers, Households and commercial businesses.

Our field of specialty is in the drilling and casing of water producing boreholes. We do however also drill exploration, monitoring and investigation holes; during which, we keep logs and samples.Over the years we have maintained strong, lasting relationships with various water industry related contractors, which includehydro-geologists,yield testing companies,pump suppliers and installers,water-diviners and qualified Electricians. We work closely together ensuring quality service and workmanship. In addition to this we work very closely with contractors that do borehole rehabilitation,borehole maintenance,borehole recovery and we are confident in offering solutions to all problems pertaining to boreholes.

We have managed to secure yourselves ongoing contracts in due to our experience, Professional Workmanship and passion for the work we do.

Saudi Arabia – We installed 14 navigational beacons in the Red Sea on the coral reefs.

Mozambique – We drilled 50 boreholes and installed hand pumps for the locals.

Johannesburg  – Drilling against the mountain with the drilling rig hanging from a crane positioned on the road below.Our drilling equipment consists of Water Well Drilling Equipment and Mine Drilling Equipment.


The Benefits of having a Borehole

  • Avoid all future water related price hikes – with a borehole you will never have to be concerned about tariff changes.
  • Improved water quality – borehole water systems often provide water of a better quality with a higher mineral count, which is naturally filtered underground.
  • Enjoy beautiful landscape without the concern of costs of water.
  • Significantly increases the value of your property.
  • Savings on monthly water bills – with a borehole you no longer have to pay monthly water costs
  • No more frustrating water cuts, disruptions or water rationing during times of drought.

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